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Offer your collaboration as a reviewer: send an email to specifying your field of competence with details of your expertise in it and poiting out previous work as reviewer (we occasionally need reviewers to enlarge our editorial board). Please, also see guidelines for reviewers.


Write your comment to a paper: use the form you find below it. Please, be aware that a selecting procedure by the editor management is  established to avoid involuntary repetitions or non constructive criticism.


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  • Editorial Board


    Matteo Selvini, Scuola di Psicoterapia della famiglia Mara Selvini Palazzoli, Milano

    Scientific Editors

    Grazia Attili, Sapienza Università, Roma

    Alfredo Canevaro, American Family Therapy Academy, Buenos Aires

    Juan Luis Linares, Università Autònoma, Barcellona

    Marco Vannotti, Cerfasy (Centre de Recherches Familiales et Systémiques), Neuchâtel